segunda-feira, março 28, 2011


Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.
Happiness is the experience of living every minute with love, grace
and gratitude.

segunda-feira, março 14, 2011


Go on a starlit night,

stand on your head,
leave your feet dangling
outwards into space,
and let the starry
firmament you tread
be, for the moment,
your elected base.

Feel Earth’s colossal weight
of ice and granite,
of molten magma,
water, iron, and lead;
and briefly hold
this strangely solid planet
balanced upon
your strangely solid head.

by Piet Hein
Foto de Anton Bielousov "stars_astrogymnastics"-613x391
in Zócalo, Connecting People to Ideas and to Each Other

sexta-feira, março 11, 2011


Recuso-me a aceitar o que me derem.
Recuso-me às verdades acabadas;
recuso-me, também, às que tiverem
pousadas no sem-fim as sete espadas.

Recuso-me às espadas que não ferem
e às que ferem por não serem dadas.
Recuso-me aos eus-próprios que vierem
e às almas que já foram conquistadas.

Recuso-me a estar lúcido ou comprado
e a estar sozinho ou estar acompanhado.
Recuso-me a morrer. Recuso a vida.

Recuso-me à inocência e ao pecado
como a ser livre ou ser predestinado.
Recuso tudo, ó Terra dividida!

Jorge de Sena, in 'Coroa da Terra'

segunda-feira, março 07, 2011

Is Old Age Over?

By 2030, over 70 million Americans will be beyond traditional retirement age and facing the problems that come with growing old: weakened physical and mental capability, uncertain financial standing, personal loss and loneliness, and a sense of exclusion from America’s age-old affair with youth.
But even as the baby boomer generation moves inexorably toward the 65-year-old divide, scientists, health gurus, and businessmen promise that old age can be “cured”, or at least put on pause.
Is there hope for a new old age, or are we still chasing the fountain of youth?
Best-selling writer and social commentator Susan Jacoby, author of Never Say Die: The Myth and Marketing of the New Old Age, visits Zócalo to ask what old age means, and whether living longer is possible — or even desirable — without living better.

quinta-feira, março 03, 2011


The real experience, beyond the dream world, is the beauty and color and excitement of the real experience of now in everyday life. When we face things as they are, we give up the hope of something better. Depression and ignorance, the emotions, whatever we experience, are all real and contain tremendous truth. If we really want to experience the truth, we have to be where we are. It is just a matter of being a grain of sand.